Sister Solidarity, Challenge Accepted!

Women are posting black and white pics of themselves on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter all over social media to share messages about sister solidarity, women supporting women and women empowerment the posts include hashtag #challengeaccepted.

Heather the Heat Hardy's black and white pic for #challengeaccepted

I don't really know yet where or who started it but it is similar to a viral hashtag in 2017 #metoo that was started by Alyssa Milano who shared her story of sexual assault from Harvey Weinstein. Afterwards women from across the world began sharing their survivor stories and the me too movement began.

But today's goal is to share inspiration and love during this pandemic. And I'm all about women empowerment and women supporting women!

Several celebrities are taking part in the challenge, including Jennifer Lopez, Snooki, Heather Hardy and Amber Nicole Miller.

It all starts from receiving a private DM then you nominate women that you feel share the same "type of thinking", you post a black and white picture and #challengeaccepted. I nominate every women that shares these ideas of solidarity and #sisterhood. End girl on girl hate and stop slut shaming each other. Pick a side sis. Your either for women or your against. What are your thoughts?

DM I received for the #challengeaccepted
DM for #challengeaccepted