Hip Hop Super Star Kanye West 2020 rally

I just watched Hip Hop super star Kanye West's 2020 rally in Charleston, South Carolina where he was promoting his new album and presidential campaign. He had 2020 shaved into the back of his head and was wearing a military bullet proof vest. One of his policy proposals was and I quote "Anyone that has a baby should get a million dollars or something." At one point he breaks down into tears describing that his parents almost aborted him. He went on to scream that he almost aborted his daughter North.

He also criticized Harriet Tubman saying "She didn't actually free the slaves, she just had the slaves work for other white people."

I think this was one of the weirdest rant Kanye has had this year and to bring Harriet Tubman into this is just so strange. I think Kanye is not well and Kim should take his mic away. Unless he did all this to promote his new album which he named after his mother Donda? Because he can't really be running for president right?