"Jewish Rocky", Damon Feldman brings Celebrity Boxing to the Bahamas

updated 10/7/2020

Damon Feldman aka Jewish Rocky a former professional boxer (9-0, 4 KO’s ) is the founder, CEO and creator of Celebrity Boxing,  a  fight competition that puts celebrities in the ring to box and raise money for charity.  His idea for Celebrity Boxing has received national attention by putting D-list celebrities back into the lime-light. Some of these celebrities include Tonya Harding,  Paula Jones, Octomom, Danny Bonaduce and Jose Canseco.   Feldman has even set up a boxing match between an Uber and a Lyft driver in which the  Uber driver won.  Feldman has plans to bring Celebrity Boxing to the Bahamas with a match between Reality Star Joe Guidice ex husband of Teresa Guidice from Real Houswives of New Jersey and Actor, Restauranteur Ojani Noa ex husband of super star Jennifer Lopez with special guest referee James "Buster" Douglas.

Who is this boxer turned promoter and entrepreneur?  We decided to get to know Damon with a few questions.

Jenny Sushe: What inspired you to Box?

Damon Feldman: My Dad 

Jenny Sushe: What was your favorite job before becoming a Boxer?

Damon Feldman: Bus boy

JS: What’s your favorite memory from your first fight?

DF: the announcement of the winner and I looked down at my dad and blew him a kiss with my glove

JS:  What was the best moment in your career?

DS:  Fighting on national TV USA Tuesday night fights on the same card as Terrible Tim Witherspoon

JS:  Who was your best opponent?

DF:  Undefeated fighter Eduardo Calderon he was a tough Latino fighter

JS:  How did you come up with idea of celebrity boxing?

DF:  I was sort of looking for something to do other than regular boxing so I matched a radio DJ and a TV weatherman together then the rest is history.

JS:  What are some of the struggles you have had working with celebrities?

DF:  Them holding me down for more money, being a little needy sometimes but not too many other things

JS:  Who was your favorite celebrity to work with?

DF:  Coolio, Jose Canseco and Octomom

Jenny Sushe: Your least favorite celebrity to work with?

Damon Feldman:  I hate to say it but Tonya Harding

JS:  I see that Farrah Abraham backed out of her fight with Nicole “Hoopz” Anderson. Can you tell us a little about that?

DF:  This was the worst experience ever with celebrity boxing because she took our sponsors money, she showed up at the press conference the week before then held me down asking for 6 first class flights and 35 hotel rooms. It was her way of getting out of it total disgrace.

JS:  You filed a lawsuit seeking financial damages and the judge issued a default judgement in your favor.  Has Farrah paid you?

DF:  Yes I did, and no I never got paid and probably never will. She owes a lot of other people as well.

JS:  How many rounds?  And is it going be the full 3 minute rounds or 2 minute?

DF:Celebrity boxing matches are three one and a half minute rounds

JS:  These aren’t pros so they probably have glass jaws.  Do the refs have special care instructions?

DF:   Yes we keep this very safe but people can battle it out a little I’m trying to build a WWE of boxing.

JS:  If you could invite 3 people to sushi who would you choose?

DF:  I love this question you LOL but probably Mark Wahlberg Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Lopez.