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Kanye West Hospitalized for Anxiety.

Another left turn in this weeks Kimye drama, Kanye was caught on camera going to the emergency room in Wyoming where he's been staying. Pics of him entering the hospital on Saturday. According to TMZ, he was in the ER for about 10 minutes before leaving and getting back to his ranch.

This all started after West's presidential campaign rally where he told his fans that when Kim found out she was pregnant with daughter North, they talked about aborting her. He also told his fans that his dad wanted him aborted when his mother found out she was pregnant with him.

Then there was the tweets, ranting about #KimKardashian and #KrisJenner. He said that they were trying to lock him up and he accused Kris of being a white supremacist. He also tweeted about wanting to divorce Kim, he thought she was cheating on him with Meek Mills when they attended a criminal justice summit last year.

Kanye has since deleted these tweets and on Saturday tweeted an apology to Kim. Kim with the rest of #Kardashian family believe that Kanye is having a bipolar manic episode with side effects ranging from extreme anxiety and paranoia.

A source told People, that both Kim and Kanye feel that the marriage is over.

"There has been enough communication, both in the past few days and in the weeks prior, to establish that both sides feel the marriage is over," the source said. The source went on to say that the divorce has been a "long time coming," and they both "were even attempting to figure out the most amicable and loving co-parenting situation."

I hope Kanye continues to get the help he needs and maybe Kimye can work through this together. What are your thoughts?

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Jenny SuShe

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