Netflix's The Home edit why does it feels so good?

THE NEW OBSESSION of organizing our homes.

Staying at home and doing nothing for the past few months except for uber eats, zoom calls, binge watching and social media has taken its toll. The sense of no control mixed with non-stop negativity on social media and with the upcoming elections we are all in a constant state of limbo and stress. Then with perfect timing Netflix released another binge worthy tv-show called “The Home Edit”. But this guilty pleasure isn’t leaving us with negativity, fear or empty calories. Many people including myself has become obsessed with organizing and rearranging our homes during Covid-19 shutdown. We want that satisfaction of feeling organized, accomplished and in control amidst this crazy covid shutdown. Why does this feel so good? Is there actually a positive energy or psychology that goes with home organizing?

So what is “The Home Edit”?

The home edit is a TV show that was introduced by Netflix on September 9, 2020. Clea and Joanna are founders of The Home edit, a company that helps people organize their homes. Clea and Joanna, with their team help organize homes of celebrities and everyday people. They have many celebrity admirers and have helped actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Neil Patrick Haris, Khloe Kardashian and so many more to organize and declutter their wardrobes, kitchens, garages, etc.

Is home organization Important?

"Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system." - Studies from the Princeton University

These studies from Princeton University concluded that messes and clutter can actually make it more difficult to focus on a specific chore or task. In the study it states that the visual cortex can be overburdened by irrelevant things aka clutter, making it difficult to concentrate and work efficiently.

SO YES, it's very important. Especially now during the current covid 19 shutdown there is a lot of negative energies in the world why not let go of some of those negative energies we have in our own living space.

Clutter within the living space has a negative energy. Our minds are constantly processing. When you’re looking at clutter your brain starts making a list of things to do. If you never get to that list it creates feelings or emotions of stress and anxiety. Your know there’s something you need to do but you never get it done. Similar to an unwanted app running in the background constantly draining your battery. That mess and clutter in your closet or under your bed is literally sucking up your energy. So my friend swipe away that app, start organizing your home so you can recharge your mind, reduce stress and use that energy on something more productive and useful.

Home Organization is basically Feng Shui with all its positive energy

Benefits of Feng shui in your home;

1. Makes your space cleaner.

2. Creates a better flow throughout your house.

3. It also promotes better and positive energy.

4. It doesn’t cost much. You usually re-arrange objects that you own.

Benefits of home organization;

1. Makes your space cleaner.

2. You become more productive and efficient.

3. It helps you save time and money. You’re not searching for lost keys or items. You’re not wasting money on things you have already in stock like buying more Q-tips or pens and pencils. You have organized inventory so you don’t throw money away with expired food products.

4. By getting rid of clutter you can reduce stress promoting positive energy.

What is Home Organization and how do I start?

Moving on to the big question, what is home organization? Basically organizing and making everything in your house accessible, manageable and functional.

The first step in the Home organization process is to purge or edit by removing all the items that aren’t useful anymore by doing so you get rid of all the clutter and make space for things that you do use.

  1. Throw-out; broken items, and expired food

  2. Donate: or sell things that you no longer need or use. Someone else can use it so it’s getting a second chance.

  3. Sentimental: keep things with sentimental value in a container and label it.

  4. Not sure: put it in a box and label if you don’t use it within 6 months to a year it is time to let go. See #2.

  5. Keep: the things you do keep organize in zones put in containers and bins then label.

Home organizing takes a lot of time and can be overwhelming. Take 1 hr., 30 mins or even 15 min a day to edit. Start with your junk drawer in the kitchen, fridge, and then move to the hallway closet then your bedroom. Have everyone in the home help and assign areas. Take it slow, it doesn’t need to be done all at once.

I hope this helps. Wherever you are in the world I wish you love and positive energies. Remember everyone in different ways are affected with whats going on during this 2020. Be good to yourself and to others when you can.

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Jenny SuShe