Nik Ingersoll, Innovative Entrepreneur and Designer

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Innovative Entrepreneur and Talented Designer

Well-known American entrepreneur and designer Nik Ingersoll is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the famous company Barnana. He is also founder of many other companies, that includes augmented-reality company Candy Lab. His harwork got him listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2016 due to his distinguishing work.

He spent his childhood in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. But at the young age of 13, Nik moved to California for college and to start a business. Since the start, he viewed education as a way out of poverty. Ingersoll had been struggling in life from the start and worked full time while carrying on full-time education. He gathered his resources for starting a business by doing some odd jobs. However, it all paid off in the end as he launched Barnana to new heights!

Barnana: Success Story

Barnana is one of the greatest successes of Nik Ingersoll. He co-founded it with an organic natural foods brand along with Caue Suplicy and Matt Clifford in 2012. Nik was the Chief Marketing Officer. Food Navigator mentioned him as the Top entrepreneur to watch in 2011. He also won a GDUSA Design Award in 2018.