Sweat, Motivation and Therapy all in one session.

I got my Peloton bike in the beginning of 2016. Since I had a gym membership, I really didn’t feel motivated to go home and get on a bike. Even though I knew I would always feel amazing and have so much great energy after, it just wasn’t happening. Fast-forward to quarantine 2020. You mean to tell me my gym is closed? After being consistent at the gym, seeing great results and feeling my best, I was now forced to be at a standstill. Without skipping a beat, I found a free zoom workout class and decided to incorporate my Peloton rides again. I took a class with the amazing instructor, Robin Arzon, one of my favs, a non-Athlete who left behind a successful law career to now be the face and VP of fitness programming at Peloton. She has such a fierce and electrifying energy about her. Constantly yelling at you, "Straighten up and adjust your crown." She’s engaging, motivating and shares her life experiences and challenges in a way relating it to yours. There are so many amazing instructors to choose from with their twist of fun, motivation and encouragement and the list continues to grow. One of the best parts is you can challenge your fellow peloton friends to a ride.

I have now been riding about 3-4 times a week and have noticed a difference in my body look and feel. It's fun and convenient and each ride has its genre of music to also get you moving and grooving. The outcome had been nothing but positivity on the inside and out that I will definitely continue with even after these crazy quarantine times.

So, try it! You wont regret the way it makes you feel.

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