Fia Johansson, Persian Medium

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Fia Johansson aka Persian Medium, is a celebrity Psychic and Medium, film producer, master entrepreneur coach, and keynote speaker. She has gained a lot of respect by assisting in solving complex cases with law enforcement and intelligence agencies. She has used her gift to help solve critical cases, help innocent people who have been wrongly convicted, helped with numerous missing persons and murder cases.

She has been in the field of hypnotherapy and has been working as a holistic healer for more than two decades. Her great work in association with countless celebrities, corporations, and individuals made her famous as "Persian Medium", with over 3 million Instagram followers.

FIA was born and raised in Iran. Later the Persian entrepreneur moved to Sweden alone at a young age. After a few years, she got her expertise in a new language and then built her first self-owned company. Johansson declares that she has risen to such heights by the courtesy of her mindset. She believes that one should believe in themselves and move forward to achieve his/her dreams without giving them a second thought. Her commitment made her one of the most famous and sought out Psychics in the world.