Top 5 Vegas Restaurants for Dinner

Being the prime hub for tourism, Vegas has progressed a lot when it comes to its restaurants. It has numerous famous restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines and buffets that attract a lot of tourists and foodies making their visit worth remembering. Vegas has also become a hub of celebrity chefs that are renowned all over the world. These chefs are famous due to their ingenious menu and being a familiar face on Food Network channels and also due to their use of some of the rarest ingredients on the face of the earth.

Other than being incredibly talented at what they do, these chefs are also extremely creative and hard working. They source the best ingredients to make their food stand out. Whether it requires importing rare snow beef from Hokkaido or getting the best tomatoes from Pahrump. No matter what type of food you’d prefer, Vegas is full of restaurants for a diverse variety of food. You can choose any type of food you would like to have and you’ll be able to find a restaurant serving it within the walking distance.

I have compiled a list of the top 5 restaurants Vegas on the strip in no particular order that I enjoy. These restaurants are bound to take your taste buds on an experience of a lifetime! Give it a read and it will surely be helpful if you’re undecided on where to dine in Vegas.

1. L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon is an idea inspired by other sushi counters where food is prepared in front of the customers by Japanese masters. Since I’m a sushi chef (by no means a master) I love the concept of an open kitchen. According to recorded facts L’ Atelier popped into existence in Tokyo. It was started with a simple concept of an open kitchen with a 40 seat counter and other high tables where customers were able to see the dishes being cooked and could order according to their requirements as ‘La Carte’, meaning small portions of great Classics. The idea was elaborated by Joel Robuchon, Kenichiro Sekiya and his staff here adapted this idea. Also a variety of wines from all over the world is available.

2. Bardot Brasserie

Bardot Brasserie is a unique blend of a traditional Parisian cafe and a modern award-winning restaurant. The modern interpretation of traditional braseeria includes lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch by the world-renowned Chef Michael Mina and Chef Nick Dugan. Other specialties of this restaurant include Roasted Chicken, Soup de Mer, and French onion soup with Périgord truffles. Signature Everlasting Rose and Diane’s Bloody Mary menu is being served as a popular brunch on weekends. The name Bardot Braseeria resonates with the special taste of Paris in Las Vegas. Bardot is also famous for its famous wine collection of wines. Special wines are being served to the customers to elevate their meals. Bardot Brasserie’s wine program focuses on the regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Rhône, Alsace, and the Loire Valley.

3. Craft steakhouse

Craft steakhouse aims at revamping the concept of the modern streak cuisine by sourcing the meat from world-class places and anti-aging it efficiently in their custom-built anti-aging room before use. Several types of streaks are being offered to the customers so that they can have a blend of unique flavors of prime USDA anti-aging beef. Delicious fresh fish and shellfish are also served at Craft Steakhouse as part of its seafood assortments recipes. Las Vegas Life Magazine‘s Epicurean Award for Best New Restaurant was awarded to Craft Steakhouse in 2003 and it was also awarded the best steakhouse award in 2005. This award-winning steakhouse should definitely be on your places to visit whilst in Vegas.

4. Stk

Stk is a high-energy restaurant that is renewing the concept of the typical traditional American steakhouse experience. It has an energetic bar scene with a relaxing atmosphere with light music by an in-house DJ. By combining beautiful and serene aesthetics with amazing quality food, this place should definitely be on your list of places to visit. STK is a VIP spot which is famous for delicious dishes that include the most perfectly grilled steak, Lil BRG's, and Tuna Tartare. Stk creates culinary masterpieces to highlight unique ingredients and flavors. Stephen Hopcraft, a former Top Chef contestant joined Stk as an executive chef and with his unique style of cooking, has introduced a new philosophy of using only the freshest ingredients to create incredible flavor combinations. A new style Las Vegas steakhouse from The One Group and Chef Stephen Hopcraft, STK has outposts in the Meat Packing District in New York City, Miami, Toronto, Orlando, Midtown New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, D.C.

5. Jean Gorges, steak house

World-Renowned Chef Jean-Georges beats the classic American steakhouse by making his dishes more appealing and energetic. The menu that the restaurant offers is incredible; whether you’re on the lookout for meaty dishes or seafood which are served with complementary sauces and a variety of side dishes. However, they don’t use any innovative method for it, it is just a simple delicious cooking style that brings flavor to the best-sourced meats combined with globally-inspired spices. The boldly modern space at Aria Resort & Casino is sectioned into a high-octane lounge, elevated dining areas, and two private dining rooms.


Once you have planned to visit Vegas, this list of diverse restaurants definitely should be on your checklist. The above-mentioned list is made based on true experiences and feedback from the people who have already been there. The chefs of these amazing restaurants are renowned globally and their incredible reputation stems from years of experience!

I highly recommend that you visit some of the above-mentioned restaurants and treat yourself to incredible food. Dine-in and make your Vegas visit worth remembering!

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